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  • Do Vision Boards Really Work?

    I’ve heard a lot of my friends talk about vision boards, but I personally never really had one. I do believe in the power of the vision boards because I know that a person can speak things into the universe and the universe will subsequently grant them the desires of their heart.

  • #BlackNativity – Aldridge Repertory Theatre

    My friend, Calvin Benford invited me out to check out Aldridge Repertory Theatre’s version of the play. I must admit, it was a really a great musical. Filled with dynamic African American actors & actresses. The musical not only took viewers on a journey about the birth of Jesus Christ, but the impact that it had on the world.

  • My Top 5 Christmas Songs

    I heard this song years ago as I was driving down to Birmingham to visit my family. My first thoughts were, “Who is this woman singing?” Well I didn’t say “woman,” but you get the picture lol Christina Aguilera definitely brought some good ole fashion sanging with her rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!’

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