Friday Night Remix (High Museum in Atlanta)

The Remix Flier

Friday nights are typically fun times for me in Atlanta because Atlanta is one of the fewest cities that I know that provides an environment where you can wind down with some great music, dialogue about great art pieces, and have some delicious food and drinks with friends or a companion. If you are looking for an event this Friday, September 19th, check out the Friday Night Remix at the High Museum in Downtown Atlanta.

This social mixer occurs every 3rd Friday of the month from 5pm – 10pm and attracts Atlanta’s sophisticated crowd. 

During the August Remix, I had the privilege of being entertained by Producer/Songwriter- Phil O’Donnell and Tim James. Tim James was nominated for a Grammy for his co-writing the hit song, “All I Ask For” performed by Tracy Adkins. 


While enjoying some great music, I had a chance to check out the  amazing art pieces. A few of my favs are below:

Album 1

Grammy Nominee Tim JamesProducer/Songwriter Phil O'Donell

Album 1

Could this be my family?Are you following me?Uhm. Who s RIP?
art pieces

Cute glasses to go with my bicycle


The next event will be hosted by jazz artist Joe Gransden. 

Every 3rd Friday, The High Museum is the place to be.

*The Remix is free with museum admission and for members*

For more information about the Friday Night Remix, please visit

Hope to see you guys there.

UW_Clemon feat pic

Inspire Me Monday – UW Clemons


This weekend I was invited as special guest to the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church’s Friends & Family Day. As I was being seated, a guy reached his hand out to shake my hand. To my surprise, it was retired Federal Court Judge UW Clemons. Former US President Jimmy Carter  appointed UW Clemons as the First Black Chief Justice of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.  

Some of his landmark cases include the lawsuit that was filed against Paul “Bear” Bryant over the desegregation of The University of Alabama. He also was the trial judge for the Ledbetter vs. Goodyear employment discrimination case. Both cases left historic impact on the privileges afforded to minorities nationwide. After retiring from the bench, Clemons continues to exercise his legal muscles. Last year, Clemons took on the Birmingham City School Board when they were trying to fire his friend, Dr. Craig Witherspoon. Clemons reminded the city that he is still able to win!

His efforts to continue transforming himself to greatness, gained him an esteemed accomplishment. In 2013, Clemons received the “John H. Pickering Award.”

This award was dear to Clemons because thirty years ago, the group that presented it, was the same group that opposed his appointment to the bench.

Don’t you just love when FAVOR FINDS YOU!

UW Clemons had the courage to step out into his destiny. Many people sit in life and never step out on the water. For that reason, they struggle with leaving mediocre and becoming great.

After meeting UW Clemons, my mantra now is to walk in my purpose; even when it looks like people try to block the road. Eventually they will see that your destiny is bigger than them.

UW Clemons represents greatness to me. Who do you think about when you think of GREATNESS?  #readyforgreatness



UW CLemons



falcon rising flier

Falcon Rising starring Michael Jai White

I recently had a chance to check out the advanced screening of Moonshine Entertainment’s newest release, Falcon Rising. The action packed film stars Michael Jai White (John ‘Falcon’ Champan), Neal McDonough (Manny Ridley), Laila Ali (Cindy Chapman), and Millie Ruperto (Katarina Da’ Silva).


Here’s a copy of the Falcon Rising’s Movie Trailer



The Synopsis

The film revolves around Falcon’s character. At the beginning of the film, ex- marine John “Falcon” Chapman appears to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. The focal point of the film is when Falcon travels to Brazil to hunt down the men who brutally attacked his sister, Cindy. Cindy was attacked in Brazil while she was in the process of discovering an underground drug world tied to the Japanese mafia and crooked cops.

He swore to protect by any means necessary

falcon rising flier

Click the picture to download the full video

Although the film started off slow, within thirty minutes, the action becomes so intense that you will be on the edge of your seats. During the entire process, White got a chance to show his incredible martial arts skill and I personally must admit that Director, Ernie Barbarash did an incredible job helping the characters to bring the true emotion to screen. While sitting in the advanced screening, I noticed that viewers were so engaged that they started yelling statements like, “Get him,” or “Beat His ASS.” People even began clapping when one of the characters was killed! You have to view the film for yourself to see what the ruckus was about. Lol

Retrieved from

Retrieved from

The film’s producers helped bring awareness to social issues such as PTSD, human-trafficking, poverty, drugs, and in lieu of the Ferguson situation, “CROOKED COPS!”

After the film, White surprised fans with a meet and greet and autograph signing. White’s For Better or Worse Co-Star, Brad James came out to support the film and stuck around to meet his fans as well.

This fan was really excited to get her autograph picture!

This fan was really excited to get her autograph picture!

The film is scheduled for release via Video on Demand (VOD) as of September 5th, 2014. Prices to see the film range from $3.99 – $4.99 (rent) and $14.99 – $19.99 (to buy).


Michael Jai White – is no stranger to the big screen. His credits include Spawn, Blood & Bone, Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married,” and “For Better or Worse.” During the advanced screen, White shares with fans that he believes in being involved in low-income communities to help minority kids see that dreams do come true. White further surprised fans by saying that prior to acting, he was a “Special Education” teacher! I guess it would make sense that a professionally trained martial artist would have enough patience to help students with learning disabilities. Besides, I really can’t see those students with anger management issues trying White. lol

Neal McDonough – The Dorchester native is known for his roles in Star Trek: First Contact, Walking Tall, The Guardian, Desperate Housewives, the USA series, “Suits.”

Laila Ali – It’s really hard not to know who Laila Ali is. Her dad, Muhammad Ali  is one of the greatest boxers of all time. Not only is he a boxing legend, but a historical figure. Ali made political history when he was stripped of his title for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War. As a boxer, the 5’10 beauty is a beast when it comes to boxing and has 24 wins to her name. We definitely cannot judge this book by its cover.

Millie Ruperto – is a very busy bee this year. This year alone, she is starring in three films:  Falcon Rising, Presumed Dead (PDP Productions),  and Reclaim (Origin Productions et al).


Highlights from the Q & A with actor Michael J. White.

Album 1